Corporate Leasing

Get ULEZ compliant. Trade in your old van and leave with a brand new vehicle for a simple monthly rental.

We are able to structure leasing deals that get you into a brand new vehicle in a cost efficient way, with low initial outlay.

Cash-Flow assistance during these uncertain times of national lockdown. – Get into a brand new vehicle for a low initial rental.

Here at Dynes Vehicle Solutions we are determined to help our customers through these difficult times of lockdown and changing legislation by coming up with creative ways to get our customers into new vehicles. We have designed a rent to buy scheme that is both cost effective and flexible.

Select a brand new vehicle, and rent this vehicle from us for 12 months. At the end of this 12 month period you can decide to purchase the vehicle from us, at a pre-agreed price, or return it to us and get a brand new replacement vehicle in its place.

This offers you the very best corporate image and absolute peace of mind. Drive a new van every year, or take ownership of the vehicle once you know it suits your needs and hopefully business is booming.

We are here to help and have a variety of Corporate Leasing schemes and are keen to tailor something that suits your business requirements.

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